Happy birthday to me (cha cha cha)

To celebrate my birthday, which was a month ago, I wanted to bake about 3 cakes and 2 desserts. From there I narrowed it down to one type of cupcake, one inspired by an alcoholic drink, sort of like the car bomb cupcake. I’d been toying with the idea of making a cake with incorporating the flavors of a buttery nipple shooter, which is made with butterscotch schnapps and Baileys. I found a triple butterscotch cupcake recipe a while ago and figured I could just replace the butterscotch frosting with a Baileys buttercream, which is included in the car bomb cupcake. Though the cupcake itself didn’t include schnapps in the recipe, I figured a naturally butterscotch flavored cake would be sufficient.


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I’m not here to make friends.

I had a nibble of a maple donut at work the other day which made me think, maple is probably the most underrated of the fall flavors. It’s a flavor I’ve really grown to appreciate the past few years. This time of year people will not stop talking about pumpkin spice this and that, but maple is a classic flavor. My favorite pumpkin pie to bake is a maple pumpkin pie. I love maple yogurt, which I eat all year round. I really do enjoy the pumpkin stuff, but maple is pretty awesome, too.


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Betty Crocker knows…

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with my mom’s Pillsbury cookbook. I became acquainted with cookies and cream cake through it, which was my standard cake to bake for birthdays and pretty much any other occasion for years. It’s pretty simple and quite delicious- just add crushed Oreos (or your favorite “creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookies”) to white cake mix and voila! The outcome is a pretty tasty cake.

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Cutting corners

I’m a reformed tomato-hater. Like, ‘used to pick tomatoes out of salsa’ tomato-hater (nothing is left but tomato juice and, I don’t know, corn).  I’ve changed my ways, though, but even now when I see recipes that call for a lot of tomatoes, especially cooked tomatoes, I am still slightly apprehensive. But after going to the farmers market just a few days ago, I became excited to use the huge heirlooms I bought for this recipe.

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