A bit of the good and the bad

Grapefruit, which I enjoy sliced, is definitely a fruit I have grown to love over the years. However, I only eat it by itself. I’m sure there are plenty of recipes that use it, but I had never baked it, included it with a salad, or anything like that. I kind of always wanted to make grapefruit squares, a la lemon squares, but worried so much sweetness would overpower the flavor of the grapefruit.

Then I came across the recipe for the grapefruit, honey, and yogurt scones on The Way the Cookie Crumbles, and it remained on my “to-bake” list for over a year. Continue reading


Leaving well enough alone

I was craving pumpkin scones one day. I decided to add a maple spin to them, since I had success with the maple flavored biscotti. I had Amish Friendship Bread starter ready for baking at the time, so I looked once again to the Friendship Bread Kitchen for inspiration.


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