Donde esta Santa Claus? It’s Christmas Eve.

I adore the Christmas season and the flavors that come with it. I’m not very timely, but I was hoping to post something somewhat seasonal in time for the holidays. And here I am, just under the wire. I’ll try to have some other holiday posts before the New Year.

A few months ago, because of my love of cookies and cream treats, Cupcake Crusader Stacy pointed me in the direction of cookies and cream macarons at Lamill Coffee in Harbor East. She sent me a review from Bmore Cupcake, in which the author pretty much sold me on trying the cookie. So I went to the cafe and tried it, loved it, and vowed to return. I came back for brunch with my mother one Saturday before seeing the Nutcracker. Since I had the cookies and cream macaron the first time I came to Lamill, I opted for a different flavor, the peppermint chocolate macaron.


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Atwater’s in Three Acts


I work and live not far from the Atwater’s at Kenilworth (there are multiple locations), but for whatever reason I hadn’t looked twice at the place. Maybe it’s the unassuming design of the building? I don’t know. Decidedly this underestimation was a huge mistake on my part. I went for the first time early in October, and I’ve since gone several times, enjoying pretty much everything I’ve eaten from there.

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Eating and judging, judging and eating

So one of my friends mentioned how great the bakery at The Fresh Market is. I’m a fan of the place; they have a good selection of produce and I’m a cheerleader for the quality of the meats there. However, I usually ignore the baked goods at grocery stores, as tempting as they are, since I feel like I do enough indulging when I bake my own sweets. There are cakes and other delightful things in the display case that look amazing, but every time I’ve gone to The Fresh Market (henceforth known as TFM) it’s the cupcakes that I can’t ignore. I gave in, for blogging purposes of course, so I could try these cupcakes and channel my inner Cupcake Crusader.

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If I was from Paris… Part Un

Another place crossed off of my list of bakeries to visit: Patisserie Poupon!

I don’t have extensive macaron experience. It seemed to be yet another snack that I had to try, according to the food blogs. I had some lemon-flavored ones at Bonjour a few months ago and I was disappointed. They were a bit on the dry side. I didn’t get the hype. It wasn’t until June when I went to Los Angeles and had the ridiculously good Duverger Macarons (bought on a whim at a gourmet food market) that I finally understood what the fuss was about. I hoped I could find some macarons comparable to the ones in LA here in Baltimore so I headed to Patisserie Poupon. Continue reading

A trip to the local donuttery

So I was looking at my Foursquare to-do list and realized I’ve been making very little progress (i.e., none) in getting to some bakeries, coffee shops, et cetera around town. I have some time off before I go back to work and figured I should hit up some places soon. Many of the bakeries I’ve been wanting to visit aren’t open that long after work hours or are so out of the way I probably couldn’t stop on the way to work.

I decided to start with a place not to far from me. I nearly drove past this place that’s been high on my to-do list for ages- Fractured Prune! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Fenwick Bakery, just a few blocks south of Fractured Prune on Harford Road, holds a place in my heart for the best donuts anywhere, not just Baltimore. However, I wanted to give Fractured Prune a chance. Let the Battle of Harford Road begin! Continue reading