Leaving well enough alone

I was craving pumpkin scones one day. I decided to add a maple spin to them, since I had success with the maple flavored biscotti. I had Amish Friendship Bread starter ready for baking at the time, so I looked once again to the Friendship Bread Kitchen for inspiration.


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I’m not here to make friends.

I had a nibble of a maple donut at work the other day which made me think, maple is probably the most underrated of the fall flavors. It’s a flavor I’ve really grown to appreciate the past few years. This time of year people will not stop talking about pumpkin spice this and that, but maple is a classic flavor. My favorite pumpkin pie to bake is a maple pumpkin pie. I love maple yogurt, which I eat all year round. I really do enjoy the pumpkin stuff, but maple is pretty awesome, too.


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