Loyal to the crown

I consider myself a fan of British pop culture. I visited London when I was 14 and became pretty smitten with the region. However, when it comes to British food, I am not that knowledgeable. While I was in London, I was still a pretty picky eater and stuck to familiar foods (such as Subway). In terms of desserts, aside from candies I only had some vague understanding of puddings until I heard about Banoffee, which was mentioned in passing on a post on Free Food Boston. The name made me curious, and recently I looked for some recipes for this dessert.

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Crockpot Adventures

Although I often find crockpot recipes that I want to try, I tend to forget about them since I don’t use a slow cooker regularly. But this recipe for crockpot dulce de leche has been on my mind for a while. Because it was so hassle-free (and virtually Rachel-proof), I had to try it. Who ever thought of boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk? I mean, this is science right? Yeah, science! Continue reading