A bit of the good and the bad

Grapefruit, which I enjoy sliced, is definitely a fruit I have grown to love over the years. However, I only eat it by itself. I’m sure there are plenty of recipes that use it, but I had never baked it, included it with a salad, or anything like that. I kind of always wanted to make grapefruit squares, a la lemon squares, but worried so much sweetness would overpower the flavor of the grapefruit.

Then I came across the recipe for the grapefruit, honey, and yogurt scones on The Way the Cookie Crumbles, and it remained on my “to-bake” list for over a year.

Finally, I got the nerve to bake it and I was kind of on the fence about the results. Here are my pros & cons, mostly in relation to my challenges while assembling the scone batter:


Pros: The scones turned out very light, buttery and flakey, and therefore incredibly moist and tender. The grapefruit zest/sugar combination as a topping is unreal.

Cons: I did not do that great of a job slicing the grapefruit and some of the tough parts of it ended up being baked in the scone. This feels sort of dumb to say after commenting on the flakiness of them, but I thought they were almost too buttery. I know, I know, how is that possible? I mean, I like when scones are flakey but not falling apart, and these scones were skirting the latter. I couldn’t figure out if I might have done something wrong to have caused this.

But, the sugar and grapefruit zest! It really made up for some of the problems.

grapefruit scone 2

With the exception of the texture of the grapefruit in some bites, and maybe a touch too much butter, the grapefruit really made for an interesting scone. I think the sugar and grapefruit zest on top really sold me on it. As usual, I think the things wrong with it were more due to my error in technique, but the flavors make it worth trying.

I also love that the scone recipe has yogurt. Ages ago I found another scone recipe that was reduced-fat scone and included yogurt, and that’s generally what I’ve added to mine ever since.

grapefruit scone 3

Anyway, head over to The Way the Cookie Crumbles to check out the recipe for the grapefruit honey yogurt scones, since I followed the directions closely and didn’t change anything. Like the author of the blog, Bridget, I used nonfat Greek yogurt and they turned out fine.


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