Donde esta Santa Claus? It’s Christmas Eve.

I adore the Christmas season and the flavors that come with it. I’m not very timely, but I was hoping to post something somewhat seasonal in time for the holidays. And here I am, just under the wire. I’ll try to have some other holiday posts before the New Year.

A few months ago, because of my love of cookies and cream treats, Cupcake Crusader Stacy pointed me in the direction of cookies and cream macarons at Lamill Coffee in Harbor East. She sent me a review from Bmore Cupcake, in which the author pretty much sold me on trying the cookie. So I went to the cafe and tried it, loved it, and vowed to return. I came back for brunch with my mother one Saturday before seeing the Nutcracker. Since I had the cookies and cream macaron the first time I came to Lamill, I opted for a different flavor, the peppermint chocolate macaron.


Peppermint and chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combination of the Christmas season. Well, to be honest my absolute favorite is peppermint and white chocolate but let’s not split hairs. Anyway, there were two things I noticed about the cookie right away: 1) the festive red and green colors of the macaron, and 2) its size, being about 1 ½ times larger than the average macaron. In my limited time of eating the little French treats, I’d never seen one that big, but I’m not complaining.

Much like the cookies and cream mac, this cookie had a crispy shell and chewy center. The texture, particularly the chewiness, is what I expect from a good macaron and this one delivered. The rich chocolate filling, which was probably ganache, was smooth with a strong peppermint flavor. On the scale of my fallen by the wayside rating system of 1 to 5, I give it a perfect 5. What I like about macarons is that when they are made well, one cookie can be surprisingly filling. They are generally small cookies, but after eating one I don’t feel the need to eat a bunch of them to satisfy my sweet tooth. I believe a macaron at Lamill costs $1.50, which I think is fair considering the quality of it.

Aside from the macaron, I ordered a turkey, pesto, and pepper sandwich (toasted) on ciabatta which was great and fresh (not pictured). But I could eat anything on ciabatta though. In addition to quiche, my mom ordered beignets and I tried one (also not pictured). It was my first time tasting a beignet and I thought they were quite delicious, very light and flaky, but I’d never had them before so I can’t really say what they’re supposed to taste like. We ate ours with butterscotch sauce, though there were other options for sauces. My mother has been to New Orleans before and really loved the beignets there, and the ones at Lamill seemed authentic to her. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the coffee at Lamill. Despite some technical difficulties (like spilling a bunch of milk in my drink), I liked my Americano, but I’m no coffee expert.


I definitely want to come back and try the other seasonal flavors of macarons. There were some orange ones that may have been pumpkin-flavored; I forgot to ask what flavor they were. The cupcakes also looked divine, including a creamsicle flavor that I now want to try. Just the other day Lamill tweeted about a Nutella macaron they’re now selling. A nutella macaron? Come on! Of course I have to try that.

So Lamill is pretty great. In addition to the memorable food, both sweet and savory, it has some stunning views of of the Inner Harbor and the clean design of the cafe is very inviting. I also hope to go to the restaurant Wit & Wisdom for dinner sometime soon, which shares the space with the cafe in the Four Seasons hotel.


3 thoughts on “Donde esta Santa Claus? It’s Christmas Eve.

  1. Okay, first: THEY HAVE CUPCAKES THERE TOO??? Man… I’m feel so behind on the cupcake news. Adding them to our list now. Second: So glad you went there and tried their macarons! I must go there as soon as possible. Love how festive that peppermint chocolate macaron looks. Great review!

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