Atwater’s in Three Acts


I work and live not far from the Atwater’s at Kenilworth (there are multiple locations), but for whatever reason I hadn’t looked twice at the place. Maybe it’s the unassuming design of the building? I don’t know. Decidedly this underestimation was a huge mistake on my part. I went for the first time early in October, and I’ve since gone several times, enjoying pretty much everything I’ve eaten from there.

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Betty Crocker knows…

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with my mom’s Pillsbury cookbook. I became acquainted with cookies and cream cake through it, which was my standard cake to bake for birthdays and pretty much any other occasion for years. It’s pretty simple and quite delicious- just add crushed Oreos (or your favorite “creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookies”) to white cake mix and voila! The outcome is a pretty tasty cake.

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