Eating and judging, judging and eating

So one of my friends mentioned how great the bakery at The Fresh Market is. I’m a fan of the place; they have a good selection of produce and I’m a cheerleader for the quality of the meats there. However, I usually ignore the baked goods at grocery stores, as tempting as they are, since I feel like I do enough indulging when I bake my own sweets. There are cakes and other delightful things in the display case that look amazing, but every time I’ve gone to The Fresh Market (henceforth known as TFM) it’s the cupcakes that I can’t ignore. I gave in, for blogging purposes of course, so I could try these cupcakes and channel my inner Cupcake Crusader.

Anywho, I bought one red velvet and one that was white chocolate and strawberry flavored.

Red velvet: It was your standard red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, and some red velvet crumbles for decoration. In my humble opinion, red velvet cake should have a kick, whether it’s because of spices or the tanginess of vinegar and buttermilk that are usually added to it. I thought this cupcake was too cocoa-y, which meant I couldn’t taste the kick that buttermilk gives it. The cake itself had a fluffy and light texture. The cream cheese frosting was to die for- rich, dense, and delicious, but I’m not sure if it complemented the cake since the cake was so light. I did enjoy the red velvet crumbles on the frosting that seemed to have a bit of a crunch to them. Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell, TFM’s cupcakes are larger than the average ones so I ate this cupcake in two servings.

White chocolate and strawberry: ‘Twas comprised of yellow cake, strawberry frosting filling, whipped white chocolate frosting, and white chocolate chips on top. The cake was moist, light, and good, but not great. The strawberry filling had a nice flavor- I wanted there to be more of it. The whipped topping was also surprisingly flavorful; I don’t normally like whipped cream frostings (I’m a buttercream enthusiast) but this was pretty tasty. I feel like whipped cream frostings from supermarkets usually taste sort of like Cool Whip, but this one did not. So there was all of this with the addition of white chocolate chips, which ended up being a bit too sweet for me. I liked this cupcake overall more than the red velvet, but man, there was a lot going on.

Btw, another thing worth mentioning is the packaging the cupcakes were in. I loved the tabs the hold the cupcakes up. I immediately forgot that I was carrying fragile cakes in my grocery bag and banged my cupcakes around, but thanks to the carriers they still looked pretty good.

Ratings: The red velvet gets a solid 3, while the white chocolate and strawberry gets a 3, on the cusp of 4. I thought the frostings on both were amazing, but the cakes themselves were just okay. I’d like to try a cupcake with just strawberry frosting from TFM, as well as some of the other baked goods.

This whole exercise in cupcake critiquing has shown me that I’m kind of picky about cake texture; I prefer a somewhat dense cake. For that reason, I’ve always stuck my cakes in the fridge to make them a bit less airy (and I also like cold frosting). Anyway, based on the quality of the frosting I do recommend trying the cupcakes if you live near The Fresh Market. They will definitely satisfy a cupcake craving.


3 thoughts on “Eating and judging, judging and eating

    • You’re welcome! Hmm, I’m really on the fence about them. I say give them a try, only because I really enjoyed the frosting on both cupcakes. Maybe choose different flavors of cupcakes than what I bought, though.

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