Snack Local: Mallow Crunchies

One day at the farmers market, I was minding my own business trying to buy fruits and vegetables. Right across from where I was buying tomatoes, there was a stand that kept getting my attention. I tried to resist, but eventually I stopped by for a sample and then I was hooked on Mallow Crunchies.

The Mallow Bar is the name of the company (and dessert café) that makes sophisticated rice crispy treats, or Mallow Crunchies. They are made with homemade marshmallows, which is what intrigued me the most. Aside from The Mallow Bar, the only other company I know by name that makes marshmallows (that isn’t Jet-Puffed) is Sweet & Sara, which makes delicious vegan marshmallows and other desserts such as s’mores and rocky road bark.

Anyway, I sampled the trail version of the Mallow Crunchies which includes, in addition to the base of crispy rice and homemade marshmallows, sweet dried cranberries and toasted pumpkin seeds. I also sampled the toffee flavor, which includes cashews and a “buttery toffee.” Sold on the samples, I purchased those flavors. The bars are sweet but not overwhelming; the flavor reminded me of going to my friend’s house after school and her mom making homemade rice crispy treats. Mmm, nostalgia.

I gobbled up the trail bar one day while I was out and about. I like that that flavor has dried cranberries because I’m not a big fan of raisins, which is what I think of when I hear “trail” in relation to snacks. The pumpkin seeds also add to the granola bar/trail mix vibe of the Mallow Crunchies without overpowering the flavor of the marshmallows. A few days later, I tried to eat the toffee flavor slowly in order to savor it, but that didn’t happen. English toffee is one of the many candies I like so I enjoyed that flavor and the cashews are a nice touch. I think both flavors were delicious; I don’t think I could pick a favorite of the two.

Who can say no to this face?

And oh my gosh, Mallow Crunchies have such great packaging with the cool color scheme, upbeat fonts, and the adorable kid beaming in a chef’s hat.

At the farmers market the bars were being sold for $3.50 each and 2 for $6.50. I originally thought they were a bit on the pricey side, but these are not ordinary rice crispy treats. For the price you get so much flavor, so much crunch, and they are so worth it. I give a 5 to both the trail and the toffee nut flavors of the mallow crunchies- they are amazing. I have no criticisms whatsoever. One bar alone is a delicious, filling snack. I cannot recommend them enough, so if you see them at a Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company shop, Zeke’s, or at a farmers markets, don’t hesitate to buy one or five. They can also be purchased through the Mallow Bar website. I can’t wait to make the trip out to Rosedale to go to The Mallow Bar dessert café and try some of the other treats they offer.


5 thoughts on “Snack Local: Mallow Crunchies

  1. Mmmm… we love Mallow Crunchies! Even though we are a cupcake blog, we actually reviewed them last spring when I visited their storefront. It’s so nice inside and Nikki (the owner and creator) is so nice! Also, when I went her adorable kids were there. Seriously, they might be the cutest kids ever. Here’s a link if you want to read our review. I tried the Trail Mix one among others and really enjoy it as well!

    • Not long after I bought the Mallow Crunchies, I happened to be lurking/browsing Cupcake Crusaders and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you all had been there. Re-reading the review now makes me want to go even more, especially since they sell Mouth Party caramels, too. I’m a fan of those and I always grab a couple whenever I see them at Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company.

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