If I was from Paris… Part Deux

This post is a day later than I planned, but oh well. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t content to head home after Patisserie Poupon so I went to Bonaparte Breads. Because of the name of the bakery, I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be like. My first thought was that it might be a small bakery with no tables. I was surprised to see this café right on the water in Fells Point, with tables outside too. Right away I was in love.

I originally brought a book into the Patisserie to read and since I didn’t stay long there, I didn’t expect to stay long at Bonaparte. After I entered and saw all of its cozy leather chairs, I immediately regretted leaving my book in the car. It’s a nice quiet place to meet a friend for lunch or curl up with a book and cup of coffee. Did I mention it’s right on the water? Because it’s right on the water. It’s not the greatest view but a cool one nonetheless. Inside of the café, the walls are decorated with numerous portraits of the café’s namesake, Napoleon Bonaparte.

I was still looking for a savory pastry but like Patisserie Poupon, Bonaparte did not have any offered that day. After checking out the lunch menu, I decided to try the quiche. Though the other quiche varieties tempted me, I ordered the quiche epinard (made with eggs, cream, and sauteed spinach) to keep it simple. At the last minute I ordered a chocolate chip cookie as a not-too-fussy dessert to eat later.

The quiche was quite good and very moist, but it was a tad salty for my taste. However, I loved the buttery, flaky crust which for me is just as important as the filling. The salad that came with it was a pretty simple but fresh house salad.

I had the chocolate chip cookie later at home. It had crispy texture which I liked, but it didn’t really have that many chocolate chips. Hmm.

For my quiche lunch, overall I give it a 4 (spot-on). The cookie gets a 2 (meh). I neglected to mention earlier that Bonaparte had massive croissants on display. I was very tempted to buy one, but since I had just eaten one at the Patisserie I was able to pass on it though I’d definitely like to try one in the future.

There was quiche! Ambiance! Napoleon! I enjoyed the quiche and I’d like to try other things on the lunch menu, as well as other desserts even though I didn’t think the cookie was that great. Clearly the atmosphere won me over here, so I would come back to Bonaparte Breads for that. When it gets cooler, I think it would be a great place to have a hot cup of tea and a pastry.


6 thoughts on “If I was from Paris… Part Deux

  1. I like that place and the feel. The only thing that brings it down is some of the people that bring their dogs : ( As someone with severe allergies, I can’t tell you how embarrassing
    it is when your eyes and throat start to close because of the 90 pound dog that wants to say hi while it’s owner is sipping wine without a care.

  2. I’ve been here once, got the croissant (and a coffee) and LOVE it! Definitely go back for the croissant becuase you seem more of a croissant connoisseur than I, and I’m curious about your opinion of it. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say I’m a croissant connoisseur, haha, but I do appreciate a good croissant. Your experience with the croissant is just further selling me on Bonaparte ^_^

  3. When I lived downtown, I would jog past this place all the time, and EVERY time would think to myself that I should try it out. I never did, so I’m glad I found your review… second best to experiencing it myself 🙂

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