A quick breakfast for late risers

I enjoy having a healthy meal to start my day. As for the rest of my day… well, at least I knew I ate something nutritious in the morning.

My mother found the recipe for these oat and apricot breakfast bars on the Weight Watchers website a couple of years ago and I completely forgot about it until recently. I realized I had all of the ingredients and just went for it. Dried apricots are one of my favorite snacks and I’ve been wanting to use them in a baked good for a while. I had to put my own spin on the recipe, so I added dried cranberries, ground flax seeds, and I cut the sugar and substituted honey. Continue reading


If I was from Paris… Part Deux

This post is a day later than I planned, but oh well. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t content to head home after Patisserie Poupon so I went to Bonaparte Breads. Because of the name of the bakery, I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be like. My first thought was that it might be a small bakery with no tables. I was surprised to see this café right on the water in Fells Point, with tables outside too. Right away I was in love.

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If I was from Paris… Part Un

Another place crossed off of my list of bakeries to visit: Patisserie Poupon!

I don’t have extensive macaron experience. It seemed to be yet another snack that I had to try, according to the food blogs. I had some lemon-flavored ones at Bonjour a few months ago and I was disappointed. They were a bit on the dry side. I didn’t get the hype. It wasn’t until June when I went to Los Angeles and had the ridiculously good Duverger Macarons (bought on a whim at a gourmet food market) that I finally understood what the fuss was about. I hoped I could find some macarons comparable to the ones in LA here in Baltimore so I headed to Patisserie Poupon. Continue reading

Cutting corners

I’m a reformed tomato-hater. Like, ‘used to pick tomatoes out of salsa’ tomato-hater (nothing is left but tomato juice and, I don’t know, corn).  I’ve changed my ways, though, but even now when I see recipes that call for a lot of tomatoes, especially cooked tomatoes, I am still slightly apprehensive. But after going to the farmers market just a few days ago, I became excited to use the huge heirlooms I bought for this recipe.

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A trip to the local donuttery

So I was looking at my Foursquare to-do list and realized I’ve been making very little progress (i.e., none) in getting to some bakeries, coffee shops, et cetera around town. I have some time off before I go back to work and figured I should hit up some places soon. Many of the bakeries I’ve been wanting to visit aren’t open that long after work hours or are so out of the way I probably couldn’t stop on the way to work.

I decided to start with a place not to far from me. I nearly drove past this place that’s been high on my to-do list for ages- Fractured Prune! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Fenwick Bakery, just a few blocks south of Fractured Prune on Harford Road, holds a place in my heart for the best donuts anywhere, not just Baltimore. However, I wanted to give Fractured Prune a chance. Let the Battle of Harford Road begin! Continue reading